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A patented technology


When working on farms, our Chief Product Developer (animal breeder, agricultural engineer and naturopath) realised that the pigs and horses he met suffered from diseases relevant to humans. As he was annoyed by this phenomenon, he began to pursue the identification of the cause. He came to the conclusion that the problem derived from the GMO soy and its pesticide residues and lysine contained in livestock feed – a result of the feeding habits of modern-age animals and humans.

Being an expert, he knew that when nutrients occur in natural bonds, they absorb better, thus, their effect is remarkable. So, he began to experiment with various herbs, natural ingredients and fulvic acid. Finally, he grounded the discovery of which herbs were worth combining for improving overall health, and what other natural ingredients were able to promote the herbs’ effective absorption.

After 20 years of research and development, Fulvicherb was tested on humans as a food supplement, and the formula worked. Since 2017, we have been happy to see people get better, feel better, and live better due to taking our product.


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