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Supporting healthy colon function by improving gut bacteria

Avoid processed foods
Healthy gut function and gut flora play an important role in both digestive processes and our overall health. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the structure of gut bacteria and the importance of healthy gut epithelial cells. We also look at how modern diets affect gut flora and how they can upset the balance.

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The role of healthy gut epithelial cells and gut bacteria

Healthy gut epithelial cells provide an optimal environment for gut bacteria. The main food source for beneficial gut bacteria is water-soluble, fermentable fibre, the breakdown products of which help to build up the gut flora. Proper nutrition leads to the development of a healthy cuticular cylindrical epithelium in the intestinal wall, which produces antimicrobial substances and immunoglobulins to protect against inflammatory pathogens.

The effects of modern eating habits on the gut flora

Modern diets do not usually promote good gut bacteria. There are several reasons for this:

  • Low intake of water-soluble (fermentable) fibre
  • Lysine (as a free amino acid, and flavour enhancer) in processed foods
  • Use of monosaccharides (simple sugars such as fructose and glucose syrup) in processed foods.

Supporting and building a healthy gut flora

Establishing a healthy gut flora is essential for optimal colon function and health maintenance. It is necessary to eat healthy foods that promote the building of the mucosal epithelium and the production of butyrate. Such foods contain large amounts of fermentable fibre, or we can take fibre supplements. An excellent source is apple fibre.

Helping to balance and develop the gut flora

Maintaining a balanced gut flora is particularly important for the smooth functioning of the body and the development of the nervous system. Optimal gut flora can help prevent the development of SIBO (bacterial overgrowth) and associated health problems.

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Darmbakterien für eine gesunde Dickdarmfunktion aufbauen


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